Overall Awards

Mackay Dance Festival

Most Promising 9 yrs – Kyra Kent

Most Outstanding 12 yrs – Daley Catip

Most Outstanding Choreography – Senior – Daley Catip


Emerald Eisteddfod

Junior Musical Theatre Encouragement Award – Saphron Davis

Junior Contemporary Encouragement – Matilda Kerr

Senior Tap Encouragement – Daley Catip

Rising Star Award – Daley Catip

Adjudicators Choice Award – Katarina Parlato

Senior Classical Encouragement – Katarina Parlato

Most Outstanding Routine of the Eisteddfod – Greatest Show – Miss Alex

Group Aggregate – Emerald Academy of Dance


Get the Beat – Regionals

Top 10 – Saphron Davis            Top 10 – Daley Catip

Winner Impro challenge – Matilda Kerr


Get the Beat – National Finals

3 platinum Awards – Matilda Kerr

Daley Catip - Double platinum – Lyrical

4th – Contemporary

National Runner Up – Jazz

National Champion – Open (Contemporary)

5th in National Top 5


Rockhampton Dance Festival

Katarina Parlato – Improvisation Aggregate

Musical Theatre Aggregate Senior

Encouragement Award Ballet Senior

Encouragement award – All open sections

Daley Catip- Junior Jazz Aggregate Award

Most Promising Performer in Jazz- Junior

Most Outstanding Male dancer of the Festival

Adjudicators Award

Matilda Kerr- Encouragement Award – Contemporary


KAR – Kids Artistic Revue Mackay

Daley Catip –  1st place Top 10     12-14yrs Highest points

Katarina Parlato – 2nd place Top 3      15-19 yrs Highset points

Matilda Kerr  – 1st place Top 5         9-11 yrs highest points

Gracie Finch -10th place in Top 15


Bom Bom Jazz group – 2nd highest group points 9-11 years

Bullying Lyrical group – 1st in highest points 9-11 years

Judges Choice awards – Best costume 9-11 years – Classical group

Elegance and Grace award – Classical group   Sassy Squad – Bathing Beauty

Highest points 8yrs and under – Bathing Beauty     Highest points small group 9-11 yrs - Havana


Mackay Dance Festival

Overall Awards

Kyra Kent

Daley Catip

Katarina Parlato

Daley Catip and Matilda Kerr - accepted for Brisbane City Youth Ballet 2017


Rockhampton Dance Festival Sept

Daley Catip - Most Outstanding Male  

dancer of the Eisteddfod

Junior Jazz Aggregate

Most Outstanding Duo

Charlee Howard - Overall encouragement award and bursary all open sections

Emerald Eisteddfod

Charlee Howard - Overall Encouragement award and bursary

Kate Macdonald - Tap encouragement

Matilda Kerr - National Encouragement Award

EAOD - group Aggregate

Mackay Dance Festival 2016

Congratulations to Katarina Parlato and Matilda Kerr on your Most Promising Performers Awards you danced beautifully.

Congratulations to our Eisteddfod troupe 2015

Successfully won all groups entered except one (2nd Place) at Bundaberg, Emerald and Gladstone Eisteddfods 201

Gladstone Eisteddfod 2015

Amelia Piggott – Highest Points Tiny tots solo

Katarina Parlato – Highest Points Song & Dance Solo

Mae Howard – Modern aggregate 11&12years

Charlee Howard – Ballet and Modern Aggregate 7&8 years


Emerald Eisteddfod 2015

Musicality Award - Saphron Davis

Most Entertaining Routine - Abbie Hopkinson

Sportsmanship Award - Mae Howard

Most Artistic Performer - Mae Howard

Most Outstanding Routine - Coffee break

Miss Alex and Miss Casey Davis



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