How do I pay for Dance classes?

Once you enrol you will receive a Term invoice either by email or mail

Fees are charged by the Term (an average Term is between 10 and 12 weeks 


What should my child wear for class?


We have a uniform that is able to be purchased from Emerald Dance Supplies. We also have free dress days twice a Term so we can wear all the awesome dance wear available.


Are your classes insured?


Yes we have insirance to cover dancers in class as well as public liability and all relevant music licenses. Our teachers are all holders of current blue cards


What are your term dates?


Our Term dates are in line with  public school Terms. If there is school on there is dancing on. No dancing on public holidays.

Are your teachers qualified?

All our teachers are under the direction of our principal Miss Alex who is fully qualified and registered. Our part time teachers are qualified with either student teacher diplomas or the relevant industry certificate. Other teachers and student teachers are experienced teachers and dancers.


Can we still join your classes after the term has started?


Generally this is possible unless we are a few weeks away from exams or concert in which case we may suggest you wait for the start of a new Term


Can parents watch?


Parents do not watch classes as there is insufficient space and it would be a distraction to the members of the class. Parents are welcome to watch their dancers class each Term in watching week. They are also welcome to watch any other classes within the studio. Little people usually love watching the oldwr girls classes.


What is your ratio of children to coaches?


This depends on the class and style of class. Tiny Tots and beginners are sealed at 10 students and have an assistant teacher. Vocational exam classes are also sealed at 10.