Alexandra Davis

Miss Alex

Principal - teaching all disciplines


Registered RAD,ADI and Acrobatics teacher

Alex has been teaching full time since 2006. She has numerous awards and bursaries to her name as well as achieving outstanding exam results for her students.

Creating innovative and original choreography is her passion


All adminstration is carried out as a voluntary activity by the persons involved. So be nice and/or lend a hand....:) There is always some way to be involved in the operation and activities of the studio.

Jane Davis

Miss Jane



Jane is the go to person for the general running of the studio. She also organises and creates all the studio costumes and is responsible for concert planning. Miss Jane also assists in rehearsing classes and groups.

Wendy McPhee



Wendy is in control of all finances including invoicing, fees, ticket sales and any other task that anyone needs assistance with